What do you get?

  • A computer-made sketch that you accept before I start painting.

  • Unique work painted with oil paints on high quality self-made linen fabric board without frames ready for hanging.

  • Oil painting lasts almost forever if you keep it well. You can frame yourself if you want. The work also works well without frames, as I paint the edges black.

  • I make one change for free, if any thing in the finished work does not please.

  • Delivery time up to 6 weeks. Upon request also much faster. Prepacked for about 1.5 weeks.

  • You are part of my artist history and your pet's picture can be seen on my FB website and possibly on my website.


General Terms and Conditions

  1. The work is made in the artist's own style, which can be seen in earlier works. Because the creative process is always different, the customer should expect a unique work. The work will be painted on the basis of the computer designs approved by the customer.

  2. The artist uses the pictures sent by the client only as a reference for the painting.

  3. The customer has the right to propose one change free of charge to the final work. Additional changes are 15 to 100 € depending on the extent of the change / addition.

  4. If the customer fails to redeem the work within 6 months of completion, the artist will retain the entire prepayment and will obtain full ownership of the work.

  5. The work will be mailed by the date of completion when the work is fully paid. Customer pays for mail (10-20 e). Shipping worldwide.

  6. The artist can present the painting and the process pictures of the painting on the website and in social media, but never the pictures sent by the customer.

  7. If the customer wants to make his own prints of the painting (eg for relatives), he can ask the artist for an image file and print pictures for his own use, not for sale.

  8. Painting can be paid in multiple installments.

  9. Payments  are made to Joni Aikio bank account FI40 5740 8920 1207 86. BIC:  OKOYFIHH

  10. The customer pays an advance payment of approximately half of the final price.


Why acquire a genuine painting?

  • Lasts longer than any poster or photo.

  • You can see brush strokes and textures. Unconsciously, you seek the emotional space where the work was created.

  • You support the artist and show appreciation for craftsmanship.

  • Genuine unique artwork improves the comfort and atmosphere of the space. It gives the space its own unique impression.

  • You're part of the artist's journey. The artist creates hundreds of paintings in his career and you own one of those snippets of artist's history.

  • Value can rise as the artist becomes more famous.

  • The work of art raises the feeling of dignity and can raise the self-image and the feeling of satisfaction.

  • The artwork is more accurate and deeper than the poster. You can see even the slightest nuances and feel the texture of the surface.



20x30x2 cm = 190 €

30x30x2 cm = 260 €

30x40x2 cm = 380 €

40x50x2 cm = 590 €

40x60x2 cm = 690 €

50x70x2 cm = 890 €

Contact me

Please contact me using the form, or email me directly with a picture suggestion or suggestions. Tell me the size of the portrait you want and if there are any special requests. For example, tell me what color background you want. I hope for a good quality picture, but I can also edit and process the picture to some extent with Photoshop. Please feel free to ask more. Contacting me is not a purchase decision yet :)



Packaging a painting before sending to a client

This is how I prepare my paintings before sending them. Package includes Certificate of Authenticity, Thank You Card and Extra Cards, as well as custom made durable box. 



The painting is absolutely stunning. We love it enormously with our family. <3

–Laura s.

"I am speechless, and that's the only word that comes to my mind. Absolutely gorgeous !!!"

- Paula T.

“The look of the cats is just as it really was. Their eyes are as if they were moving when looking at them from different directions. Cat's look incredibly alive.

- Tarja L.

"I'm just sooo in love for this painting <3 <3 This incredible painting gets the best spot in the living room. Now it is  the center of everything in our home.

- Janika. V

“The ordering process was really easy and the artist took my thoughts into consideration. The painting was well done on schedule, and I got information on the progress. The final work met all my expectations and now I have a wonderful memory of my beloved cat and her emerald eyes. I highly recommend if someone is considering his own cat to be painted. It is an eternal remembrance ”

- Minna. O